Amsterdam based philosopher and documentary maker Xena Maria Evers (1989) uses the medium of film to show the familiar in unconventional and personal stories. Supported by her drive to learn and her tremendous curiosity, Xena makes a close connection with the people in front of her lens. She feels inspired and humbled by the openness and frankness of her subjects.

Not only in her work as an independent documentary filmmaker, but also in her commissioned projects as director and videographer, Xena aims to contribute to a better world by focusing on underrepresented narratives. The sincere and intimate stories Xena shows, can evoke empathy and optimism in all of us. By giving people space to tell their own story, Xena advocates a more inclusive view of what ‘normal’ looks like – at the same time questioning if such a thing truly exists.

Written by: Sophie Dogterom

Photo made by: Tirza Ahleekah


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