Hi, my name is Xena Maria Evers and I am a filmmaker living in Amsterdam. When I graduated from my philosophy master ‘Applied Ethics’, I was in search of a medium to express my ideas and ideals. This is when my journey in film started. From curiously discovering the rocky roads of Youtube tutorials, to taking a big jump and starting my own business. From hours of learning and playing with my camera by myself, to traveling along with talented creatives and entrepreneurs from whom I still learn every day. Various projects like dance videos in the desert, brand movies of beautifully crafted products, backstage videos and films for well-known cultural institutes: every time I challenge myself to find visual ways to tell a strong story. While I have grown very much as a filmmaker and as a person by taking a big leap of faith and starting my self-taught exploration in film, I feel the drive to learn and experiment more. Through my films I would like to contribute to a better world.
I just finished my first television documentary (VPRO): http://xenamariaevers.com/mijn-broer-en-ik/ 
Currently I work as one of the directors for a documentary series called De Beloften (VPRO): https://www.vpro.nl/programmas/de-beloften/kijk/collecties/de-makers/xena-maria-evers.html


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