A single tattooed letter, ‘i’, tells Emmalia’s story. Emmalia is a transgender women and activist from Kampala, Uganda. Kampala is not always a safe place for Emmalia, because she fights against homophobia and transphobia in her country. Same-sex relationships have been illegal in Uganda since British colonial rule and because of stigma and social factors, transgender individuals have reduced access to healthcare services.

We meet Emmalia at the start of her gender transition. For Emmalia her transition will allow her to become the person she truly is. This road has not always been easy. She faces loneliness, exclusion, harassment and humiliation.

As a symbol of her desire to live a safe and open life as a transgender women in Uganda, Emmalia gets a letter from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights tattooed on her body.

This letter connects her to 6772 other people around the world, all fighting for equal rights globally and connected by wearing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on their skin.

Emmalia, letter 3647: i

Human Rights Tattoo; 1cm2 of your Skin for Human Rights.

Would you like to support Emmalia? You can donate for her surgery: gofundme.com/surgery-for-ugandan-transpeople